Audio Links + Giveaway Ending Soon!

Here’s a list in a single post of all the audio recordings made by our awesome poets! (And below, don’t forget the Goodreads Giveaway is closing in 2 days.)

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Goodreads Giveaway – Closing Soon!

Launch Week, Day Five – Jenny Blackford, Alice Allan, Mran-Maree Laing, Julie Storer and Vanessa Proctor

It’s the final day of the week-long digital launch! Thanks to everyone for listening and spreading the word

Below is a big line-up with spoken word pieces from Jenny Blackford (An Afterlife of Stone) Alice Allan (On His Wedding Day) Mran-Maree Laing (Running Away and Coming Back) Julie Storer (This City) and Vanessa Proctor (Crossing the Harbour Bridge).

Here they are:

Thanks once again to all the poets – those who sent in work on a tight deadline and those who are featured in the anthology too, and all the readers out there!

Ashley & Brooke

Launch Week, Day Four – Stu Hatton & jenni nixon

Day Four of Launch Week  gives us poems from Stu Hatton (Now you know it all goes on beyond you don’t you) and jenni nixon – (dudgeon) – have a listen and spread the word 🙂

Final poems of Launch Week tomorrow!


As before, we’d like to thank the poets for their hard work, especially Stu and jenni today.

Ashley & Brooke

Launch Week, Day Three – Judit Hollós, Billy Antonio & SB Wright

Day three of Launch Week – features spoken word haiku from Judit Katalin Hollós and Billy Antonio along with ‘Crossroads’, a haibun by S B Wright.

Stay tuned for another batch of recordings tomorrow 🙂

Thanks to S B Wright, Judit and Billy (and all the poets) for jumping on the mic at such short notice!

Ashley & Brooke

Launch Week, Day Two – Ben Walter & Benjamin Dodds

And on to day two of Launch Week – today we’re featuring spoken word recordings of Ben Walter’s ‘The Sea is Emptying’ and ‘Rozelle window On Two Consecutive Days!’ by Benjamin Dodds.

As before, links below and stay tuned for more recordings tomorrow 🙂

Thanks to Benjamin and Ben (and all the poets) for jumping on the mic at such short notice!

Ashley & Brooke

Launch Week, Day One – Michele Seminara & Katarina Boudreaux

Welcome to the first day of Launch Week – where we’re featuring spoken word recordings of Mother Roux by Katarina Boudreaux and Mourning Morning by Michele Seminara!

Just click the links below to have a listen and stay tuned for more recordings tomorrow 🙂

Thanks to Katarina and Michele (and all the poets) for jumping on the mic at such short notice!

Ashley & Brooke

Official Release & Launch Week – 2nd – 6th May

Poetry and Place Anthology 2015 400x625

It gives us great pleasure to announce the official release of the 2015 Poetry & Place Anthology!

Print and eBook editions are now available through major online retailers and can also be ordered through bookstores. Below, you’ll find a range of purchase links and we hope you’ll be able to support us and the poets within – even sharing this post helps spread the word about the anthology.

Unlike our previous journals, Egg[Poetry] and holland1945, this anthology was always going to be a longer project, both in terms of page count and terms of release schedule. But we believe the collection is stronger for the extra care and time spent.

We’re pleased to say that over the last year and a bit, we and the anthology have survived poor health, local postage price-hikes and distribution delays among all the other minor hiccups any journal faces and we’re beaming on the other side.

Stay tuned to our blogs for launch week, spanning Monday the 2nd – Friday the 6th of May, where we’ll be featuring spoken word recordings from the poets themselves for each of the five days!

Thanks again to everyone who helped us from start to finish! ‘Place’ is such an evocative theme; one that thrills us still and one we hope will enthrall you too when you read the poems we were lucky enough to be sent.

Ashley Capes & Brooke Linford
April 2016


Purchase Links:

Amazon AU: eBook
Amazon US: Print and eBook
Amazon UK: Print and eBook

Barnes & Noble: Print
Fishpond AU: Print
Angus and Robertson Bookworld AU: Print


Edited by Ashley Capes and Brooke Linford, the anthology contains poetry by the following poets:

James Croteau ~ Alan Summers ~ Marisa Fazio ~ Judit Hollos ~ Barbara A Meier ~ Ivy Alvarez ~ Lorin Ford ~ Brenda Saunders ~ Caitlin Thomson ~ Duncan Richardson ~ Elliot Nicely ~ Sandra Simpson ~ Mark Miller ~ Fiona McIIroy ~ Carolyn Gerrish ~ Guy Traiber ~ Frank Russo ~ Irene Wilkie ~ Jacqueline Buswell ~ Colleen Z Burke ~ Sarah Rice ~ Jeff Schiff ~ jenni nixon ~ Jenny Blackford ~ Jill Jones ~ John Stokes ~ Marilynne Thomas Walton ~ Julie Storer ~ Karen Andrews ~ Vanessa Proctor ~ Kevin Gillam ~ Les Wicks ~ Mran-Maree Laing ~ Nikki Carr ~ Jan Napier ~ Rasma Haidri ~ Joyce Joslin Lorenson ~ S.E. Street ~ S. G. Larner ~ SuzAnne C. Cole ~ Tina Schumann ~ J. Todd Hawkins ~ Traudl Tan ~ Valentina Cano ~ Mark William Jackson ~ Faith de Savigné ~ Stu Hatton ~ Chris Lynch ~ Jill McKeowen ~ Stuart Barnes ~ Billy Antonio ~ Jane Downing ~ Nathanael O’Reilly ~ Ben Walter ~ Frances Olive ~ Benjamin Dodds ~ Diana Jamieson ~ Andrew Phillips ~ SB Wright ~ Ron C. Moss ~ A. S. Patric ~ Michele Seminara ~ Jonathan Hadwen ~ Joyce Parkes ~ Anne Elvey ~ Brad Frederiksen ~ Amelia Walker ~ Koraly Dimitriadis ~ Jerome Gagnon ~ Emma Rose Smith ~ Margaret Bradstock ~ Christine Burrows ~ Karen Murphy ~ Monica Carroll ~ Janis Butler Holm ~ Frances Donovan ~ Margaret Owen Ruckert ~ Wes Lee ~ Nina Longfield ~ John Upton ~ Veronica Lake ~ Gabrielle Rowe ~ Robyn Sykes ~ Alison Miller ~ Katarina Boudreaux ~ Alice Allan ~ Nicola Scholes ~ Penny Gibson ~ Jane Williams ~ Simon Hanson